Server Support Packages

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
  • General
  • Reboot
  • Web Site Moving
  • Hardware Replacement
  • Operating System
  • First Installation
  • Re-Installation
  • Password Reset
  • Operating System Updates
  • Hosting Panel Updates
  • Software Firewall Management
  • Atack Detection
  • Server Optimization
  • Software Installation Support
  • E-mail Problems
  • Customer Support
  • E-Mail/Ticket Support
  • Latest 24 Hours
  • Latest 12 Hours
  • Latest 6 Hours
  • Latest 1 Hours
  • Free !
  • $ 15 / Monthly
  • $ 25 / Monthly
  • $ 40 / Monthly
In Dedicated Server and Virtual Server services, you can reboot your service 24/7 automatically from our customer panel. You can also request a reboot from us by creating a support request from your customer panel.
Web Site Moving
Dedicated Server or Virtual Server services provide free web site transport service. Free migration is only available if you rent a server service with cPanel, Directadmin and Plesk control panel. If you rent a dedicated server or virtual server with cPanel, Plesk or Directadmin control panel, your sites must be hosted in the Directadmin, Plesk or cPanel control panel in order to move your sites from the opposite server. The web site moving service is free of charge only during the transition period.
Hardware Replacement
In case of any hardware failure in the servers, the defective hardware is replaced by Datacenter free of charge.
Server services include free reinstallation. Automatic re-installation of virtual servers from your customer panel for free. You can create a request through the support system on the dedicated servers and request a re-installation process.
Operation System Updates
Within the free operating system update service for server services; At the request of the customer, the main software can be updated across Windows or Linux operating systems. This update service does not include software updates installed on the server.
Hosting Panel Updates
Server services can be updated to the Plesk panel version on Windows. In cPanel and Directadmin control panels that we provide on Linux, Directadmin / cPanel update is made upon customer request and software such as Email, Ftp, Mysql, Apache is updated on these control panels.
Software Firewall Management / Atack Detection
Server services with Linux / Centos [32bit / 64bit] operating system can be configured as required for free Firewall. In Linux / Centos [32bit / 64bit] Server services, when you receive an attack on your server, software support is provided for detection and prevention of this attack. The percentage of frustration in incoming attacks may vary depending on the intensity and type of attack. No guarantee is given for the prevention of attacks. Software Firewall Management / Atack Detection service is only available for Linux / Centos [32bit / 64bit] operating system. This service is not available on Windows and other operating systems!
Server Optimization
Server Optimization with Linux / Centos [32bit / 64bit] can be done free of charge. You may need additional paid software needs during optimizing and server retrofitting. Customer approval is obtained prior to such transactions. The Server Optimization service is only available for Linux / Centos [32bit / 64bit]. This service is not available on Windows and other operating systems!
Software Installation Support
At this support level, the programs that you want to be installed on the server and the problems you have with the server side are produced.
E-Mail Problems
We provide support in case of problems such as ReverseDNS and returning e-mail related to the e-mail server installed in server services. There is no guarantee that e-mails sent to SPAM will be dropped to Inbox in e-mail.