Company Profile

AltınSoft Information Technologies

AltınSoft Information Technologies started to serve in the IT sector at the end of 2005. Web hosting services, Dedicated server services, Web Site Projects, Corporate Solutions, E-Commerce Services, Special Package Software and Consultancy Services with thousands of customers and hundreds of dealers is a commercial company serving the IT sector. By following the developments in the sector closely, we are committed to providing smooth service to our customers.

Our Vision

Our primary goal is to provide quality and trouble-free service to our customers ... We are pleased to give all kinds of information and support about our services to all our users who reach to us through different ways both from search engines and from different parts of the world. As AltınSoft family, we continue to take the lead in the field with unlimited technology and unlimited service ...

Our Mission

We will continue to break new ground in the informatics sector ... To ensure that our customers are happy, to maintain technology and quality service, to provide attractive conditions to hundreds of dealers and business partners, is our biggest duty. We continue to assist entrepreneurs who are taking new steps in the sector both under the name of sponsorship and in terms of technical support as they did yesterday. As AltınSoft family, we do our part in social projects, educational campaigns and social events. We make meetings and trainings with our team members on certain dates and make evaluations about the point where we are and the points we want to reach. Our aim is always to provide the best and the latest service without sacrificing any of our customers. We keep our technical support team active at any time of the day and we aim to go quickly on full issues by informing them on all kinds of current issues. We would like to thank all our customers and dealers on behalf of AltınSoft family. We would like to thank them for their contributions to this point.