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Resources isolated, high internet speed and high performance virtual dedicated server services.
Do not take your business lightly.!
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2 CoreCpu
2 GBRam
30 GBNvme SSD Disk
1 GbitUnlimited Traffic
1 QtyIP Address

$ 12.5

$ 126.00

Monthly Price
Annual Price
2 CoreCpu
3 GBRam
40 GBNvme SSD Disk
1 GbitUnlimited Traffic
1 QtyIP Address

$ 16.00

$ 162.00

Monthly Price
Annual Price
4 CoreCpu
4 GBRam
50 GBNvme SSD Disk
1 GbitUnlimited Traffic
1 QtyIP Address

$ 20.00

$ 202.00

Monthly Price
Annual Price
4 CoreCpu
5 GBRam
60 GBNvme SSD Disk
1 GbitUnlimited Traffic
1 QtyIP Address

$ 25.00

$ 252.00

Monthly Price
Annual Price
4 CoreCpu
6 GBRam
70 GBNvme SSD Disk
1 GbitUnlimited Traffic
1 QtyIP Address

$ 31.00

$ 313.00

Monthly Price
Annual Price
4 CoreCpu
8 GBRam
80 GBNvme SSD Disk
1 GbitUnlimited Traffic
1 QtyIP Address

$ 35.00

$ 353.00

Monthly Price
Annual Price
5 CoreCpu
10 GBRam
90 GBNvme SSD Disk
1 GbitUnlimited Traffic
1 QtyIP Address

$ 38.00

$ 384.00

Monthly Price
Annual Price
6 CoreCpu
12 GBRam
100 GBNvme SSD Disk
1 GbitUnlimited Traffic
1 QtyIP Address

$ 44.00

$ 444.00

Monthly Price
Annual Price
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Fast Delivery

The Virtual Server service that you have completed your order is automatically activated immediately. If you have any additional services you request, we will make your VDS Server ready for use quickly by automatically setting up and adjusting them.

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Pay As You Need

You can choose the server model that best suits your needs, and create hardware and software add-ons to create a server that fully fits your needs.

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Professional Support

You just concentrate on your work! We are here for server-related problems. By selecting the support model you need, you can leave us with the solution of any problems you may encounter.

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100% Isolated Resources

Thanks to VMware Technology, your resources are not software! Hardware is provided. This means that your resources are completely isolated, protecting you from many possible situations that may affect your performance.

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High Speed Internet Access

Since we work with the world's highest technology data centers, we eliminate the speed problems caused by infrastructure on your server with high internet speeds and high uptime rates.

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VMware ESXi Infrastructure

VMware is a virtualization software in its simplest terms. Esxi is a Linux-based operating system developed by VMware.
With VMware technology, we create Virtual Dedicated Servers with isolated resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to all the questions in your mind in this section.
  • What types of content are prohibited on servers ?
    It is strictly forbidden to host or use content such as camfrog, IRC chat systems, mass e-mail systems, Spam, PHISHING. Any public VPN or Proxy service is prohibited.
  • Which data center do you work with?
    Please click here to review the data centers we work with.
  • What is VPS Server Hosting?
    VPS hosting is specially designed to divide the effective server to small portions. Each part contains a unique disk space and memory. It is very crucial for people those who look to start a new business. Hosting service is the right choice for businesses to obtain perfect service. There are lots of benefits on hosting the website on VPS. We provide this service for businesses to enhance their business. We help you increase your business performance on the field.
  • What are the advantages of a VPS server?
    It creates a bridge among shared and dedicated hosting server. It offers more chances for businesses to increase their company growth. You might undergo unique performance on your business. The virtual private server offers a great solution to you.

    Increase scalability and reliability

    Cost-effective than another hosting

    Simple to access

    Control sever elegantly

  • Is VPS hosting profitable?
    VPS server allows the user to work with the ideal server. It offers complete security on the hosting server. It increases the performance of your website on the server. You might acquire satisfied and guaranteed service from the professionals. It allows you to move to a large resource easily and meet your needs. Our professionals offer a hosting service for all size of business. It helps you grow to sever space and let you access with the best plan. Hosting service provides offer more advantages for a business to analyze and maintain database easily. So, choose the service and increase the performance of your business.
  • What are the key benefits of VPS?
    There are number of advantage of VPS that you can avail for your website. First and most important advantage of the VPS is you can get them at low cost with all other facilities that come with dedicated server hosting. You get increased security, reliability and easy to use with flexibility of installing and removing applications according to your need.
  • For what purpose you can use VPS?
    VPS lets you to host all kind of websites whether it is e-commerce site, content, media and software applications like Adobe, CRM, Word Press and other software very easily. VPS consents numerous applications to be worked remotely from one another on the same server as shared hosting and even VPS Shares its resources with other users, it is still works dedicatedly.
  • Who should use VPS?
    Business owner who wants to customize and special applications installed on their server, but do not want to pay or afford the cost and maintenance of Dedicated server, VPS is the best for them. VPS has the all qualities like dedicated server.
  • What is the standard delivery time?
    Virtual servers are delivering instantly after payment confirmation.
  • What are the payment options?
    We are accepting Credit Card, Paypal and Bank Transfer.
  • What are the virtualization methods?
    Vmware esxi is used in the virtualization infrastructure.
  • Is there any panel to manage the server?
    Yes. Advanced server management panel is available.
  • Port 25 block ?
    Yes. Port 25 is blocked to protect our network from spam activities. Therefore, it is not possible to send e-mails through the servers.
  • Is a refund possible?
    Unfortunately, refunds are not possible for server services.
  • Can I transfer our server to another client account?
    For security reasons, server services cannot be transferred to another client account.
  • Is it possible to change the IP address of the servers?
    Unfortunately, your server's main ip address cannot be changed due to security and related laws. This feature will be available in the future. It is currently under development.
  • Can I choose the IP address?
    Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. Studies on this subject continue. IP addresses are now automatically randomly assigned.
  • Is DDOS protection available?
    Yes. All servers have DDOS protection.

General Description

OVH's 21st data center in Limburg, Germany, is around 100 kilometers from Frankfurt - it takes data less than a millisecond to travel this distance. The facility is powered by an electrical substation based a short distance away, and is equipped with the very latest innovative technology from OVH, like our efficient water-cooling system. This technology is more eco-friendly, and allows us to offer services at a significantly reduced price. This data center also has the very highest security standards, and is compliant with German data protection laws. With a capacity of 45,000 servers spread across 4,000 square meters, the Limburg data center is also directly connected to the main internet exchanges in central and Eastern Europe, via the OVH global fiber optic network. Tags : germany vps, germany vps hosting , german vps, german vds, german vps server, deutschland vps